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Psychic Medium,
Spiritual, Alignment & Manifestation Coach
Tarot Reader & Trainer
Wedding & Events Tarot
Spiritual Development Trainer

Claire stands at the helm of Connected Collective, a sanctuary where spiritual journeys find direction and purpose. Her story is one of profound connection and intuitive understanding. From a tender age, Claire exhibited an uncanny ability to connect with the spiritual realm. A striking instance from her childhood, where at just four years old, she corrected a tour guide about the identities of those buried in a castle's graveyard - later confirmed as true - marked the beginning of her extraordinary path.


Claire's innate psychic and clairvoyant abilities have only deepened with time. For years, she has been an illuminating guide, teaching others how to tune into their intuition, connect with spirit, and explore the realms of tarot. Through conducting tarot readings and leading group circles, she has helped countless individuals tap into their inner wisdom and spiritual potential.


Now, embracing her soul's purpose with unwavering commitment, Claire has dedicated herself fully to the mission of Connected Collective. Her vision is clear: to assist as many people as possible in fully enjoying their human experience. Claire believes in living in alignment with one's true self, enhancing the flow of joy and abundance in life.


Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of embracing one's spiritual gifts. At Connected Collective, Claire offers a guiding hand to those navigating their paths, ensuring that everyone she works with is empowered to embrace their journey with confidence and clarity.


Join Claire at Connected Collective and discover how to live your life in alignment, surrounded by the flow and abundance that your soul yearns for.


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