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For My

Highest Good Of All

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When Life Breaks, it Breaks

But it is always for our highest good.

It just never bloody feels like it at the time, right?


Hi - I'm Claire, the person behind Connected Collective.


Let me spin you a yarn of how I got here, and why I feel you might be here on this page, reading my words right now, because;

The strongest stories are the ones we tell ourselves.


We hear a lot in life and society that 'like attracts like' and that 'we get what we give'.


In more recent times, the phrasing of the same idea is around the Law of Attraction - you vibrate and resonate at a certain frequency, and the universe gives that energy and vibe back to you, as that's clearly what you want, right?


Nope. No eggs from this one.

(for the former part of life, keep reading cuz now I literally get everything I desire, it's bloody wild.)

Now I say 'nope', because I never got what I wanted. I just got piles of crap.

Rubbish jobs, rubbish friends, horrid partners, bosses, situations... my list could go on for a hot minute. I wondered why the world was against me, and why it was so unfair that no matter how hard I worked, how hard I tried, other people had life so dang easy and it made me sick to think that here I was, working 8 - late, pushing treacle up a goddamn hill and STILL -

shit always went south.

I'll level with you - I had a pretty awful childhood. Don't get me wrong, I didn't want for much and I was nearly always warm, but my parents were (are? I don't keep in touch, I hope they got therapy) not very nice, but very emotionally broken, humans. 

It is what it is. I like to think they did the best they could with the knowledge that they had, as they also didn't have rainbow sparkle glitter pooping unicorn childhoods, either.

 I share this with you, though, as a point of base context for how my energy was operating for me. ​

The stories I was told from age dot were things like:

I'm never good enough

(thanks, Mum)

I'm always too much

(Mum, again)

I'm annoying and asked stupid questions

(yay, Mum!)

I'm insane for being able to connect to spirit and talk to the souls who have passed

(she actually got me tested. I passed. Not insane, just Clairvoyant)

I got told, with no uncertain terms, that I was not wanted and I ruined everyone's lives

(this one goes to Dad, what a champ)

The energetic vibration of lack, loss, and worthlessness that I was emitting from my core belief system about myself was being given back to me, through the stories I had been told my entire life, and then carried on telling myself - simply, I wholeheartedly believed all these things to be true about myself.

Of course I believed I couldn't do well - that I was rubbish, broken, 'insert negative self-talk here', as it was all I had known.

We don't know what we don't know, and I didn't know any different. 


Every time the repeating pattern of loss happened, I was ignoring my intuition and the prompts from the collective energy we are part of.

But I wasn't listening.

I don't know about you, but I need a wee break from writing that, so here is a video of a dog to reset, before I continue.

Not my dog, but it's a nice doggo.


Because I figured out how to change the story I was telling myself.

By working with the universe and it's holy-mother-of-destruction-what-now energy, I have quite honestly utterly transformed my life.

I have always been highly connected to Spirit and higher self and have been blessed with very strong Psychic clair- skills (as mentioned a little above).

I have had my higher self, the energy and spirit guides shouting - nay, screamingat me that I was not in alignment with what I was meant to be doing with my life.

After being made redundant (COVID times) and being served notice on my flat (landlord wanted to sell) ON THE SAME WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, I lay on the floor in my living room and drank wine straight out of the bottle with a straw, a damp flannel over my eyes. And yet, this time something felt different. ​

It wasn't until I started listening to the signs and energetic vibrations of the world that I was being given, the signs, the upheaval, the loss, that I was able to shift my life from a constant state of loss and hardship to a life of ease, love, and abundance. It was all my higher self trying to help me level TF up, my intuition and guides showing me that what I was doing was not in my highest good, my best alignment.

I started looking inward for the answers to what was happening and took time to do my inner shadow work.


I looked my past in the eye, and cried a lot (like, a LOT), but then reached a place where I could genuinely thank all the things that had happened to me, as these things made me who I am today.

I worked on my inner self-talk. I learned to love myself. I raised my energy, my vibrations. I connected to my intuition and the energy of spirit, the universe that surrounds me, and all the spirits that were trying to talk to me.


I dove into retreats and therapy, I listened to all the signs and jumped at all the opportunities that were being given to me.

I let go of all the things that were no longer serving me, or that were for my higher self and purpose,

even though it was sad, scary, and sometimes - bloody rough as f***.

But guess what? 

I got promotions. I got pay rises. I manifested things that simply shouldn't have been possible. 

I found true connections and friendships.

I found love.


By working on my intuition, my connection to myself.

I'm sharing this as I am not a person whose actions do not meet her words. 

I did the thing. Everything I teach, I have done. I know how it feels to feel so alone, so broken, and I want to share that we can move from that to such a happier version of ourselves, from simply connecting to our higher selves and the energy around us.

It's time for me to give back to our collective energy by living in my true alignment by sharing my learning and helping you live a life full of unlimited abundance.

I know it works. I've won the prizes.

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