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Our Magic.

Elevate your wedding day with our specialized services tailored to make your celebration not just a momentous occasion, but a profoundly enriching experience.


Our expertly curated spiritual offerings are designed not only to uplift and enlighten but also to deepen the bonds between you and your guests, making your wedding truly unforgettable.

With our extensive experience in spiritual practices, we manage the complexities of the spirit world to provide insights that clear away confusion and uncertainty, to infuse your special day with even more joy, love, laughter, and meaningful connections.


Experience a profound sense of harmony, support, and alignment as you embark on your new journey together.

Wedding Tarot Reading Jim and Charlie



Imagine bringing a spiritual dimension to your special day that resonates deeply with the shared love between you and your partner, that also offers to bring you calmness, connection and clarity when making those planning decisions.


It's about adding that personal touch, which speaks directly to the heart, enhancing the bond you share and providing a sanctuary of clarity, calmness, and insight as you embark on life's most beautiful journey together.


We offer our presence to just 10 couples a year, a testament to our commitment to exclusivity and attentiveness. This allows us to dedicate ourselves entirely to the art of making your wedding planning and actual day both deeply personal and

draped in luxury.

For each pair of hearts that entrust us with their celebration, we curate a selection from our array of services to craft an offering that is distinctly yours, ensuring that every moment resonates with a magic only you can call your own.

Bespoke wedding tarot decks, tarot readings as a couple before, after and on your wedding day, workshops, tarot readings for your guest favours... you'll be the talk of the town.


Tarot Reading Favours

As the only Tarot Favour wedding offering in the world, pack a punch with the memories you're wedding will make.


Give your guests more than just a party favour. Offer them a deeply personal, soul-stirring experience that resonates long after the last dance. Choose to have special reading themes that resonate with your celebration, an elegantly crafted custom Wedding Tarot Card, specifically designed for your celebration, and personal reading notes for guests to take home with them... the choice is yours.

With this at your wedding, you’re not just doing it for the 'gram.

You’re creating evocative, impactful memories that will echo through time, ensuring your wedding is never forgotten. 

Hen Party Tarot Reading
Tarot Hen Party Green Dress



Bring the esoteric to your celebrations with the magic of Tarot.


Add an extraordinary dimension to your Hen or Stag party by incorporating the spirit realm and connecting with your higher selves with a totally different final hurrah.


Our unique Tarot experiences are designed to leave a lasting impact on you and your friends, blending mystical insight with the joy of your celebration.

Whether it's revealing hidden mysteries in a Group Tarot Reading or unlocking the secrets of the cards in a Tarot Workshop, these sessions will surely make your event memorable.

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