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Spiritual Development

We believe that every individual possesses an innate wellspring of intuition, wisdom, and a connection to the higher self—an inner compass that can illuminate the path to a life of purpose, fulfilment, and spiritual harmony.


By developing your spiritual self, you will open doors that will welcome flow, ease, and abundance through connecting to your intuition and higher self and raising your energetic vibrations.

1:1 Sessions

Learn how to connect to your intuition and higher self.

From £90

Personalise Your Power with 1:1 How to Manifest Sessions.


Group Workshops

Unlock Your Potential: Master the Art of Manifestation in this Workshop


Practice Tarot with others of all experience levels in this workshop.


Learn the tools to step into Alignment and welcome sheer abundance in your life.


Start your journey of Tarot exploration with our immersive 2-hour Tarot Beginners Workshop.


Journey to Spiritual Awakening: A Path of Higher Self Discovery


Learn how to Connect with Spirit in this Workshop.


Discover Your Inner Guide and learn to listen to your Intuition.


A 3-hour Intermediate Tarot Workshop designed to deepen your understanding.


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