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Personal Tarot Lessons with Connected Collective

Personal Clairvoyance Lessons

So you wanna talk to ghosties? I've got you.

  • 30 min
  • From 30 British pounds

What to Expect

SAFETY FIRST I practise only ethical, safe and consensual lessons; I respect spirit to the utmost degree, as I would the living - but with boundaries. No goading, no teasing, no Zak Bagans. I expect the same from my students. Ever want to know how to sharpen those psychic tingles and ask your questions without feeling you might be going nuts? That's where I come in with Personal Clairvoyance Lessons. I've been blessed to have always been strongly connected to spirit and I want to teach the world that they can do it too - because you bloody can. We just get told that it's not 'normal' to know who is on the phone before you pick it up, or why something feels right or not right. Intuition, man. Intuition. My lessons are for anyone - total newbie, or those more seasoned and looking to hone a skill, or learn something completely new. Whether you’re into spiritual connections, energy protection, channelling, dowsing, or crystals, I've got a box of stuff and a brain full of teaching and coaching modalities ready that allows me to curate these lessons to be just for you, with warmth, gratitude and guidance. Tailored Spiritual Journey From sensing energies to spiritual communication, we will work together to customize each lesson to expand your psychic toolkit, ensuring you get the most out of every mystical minute. I will guide you through when, why and how to use each clairvoyant technique, turning you into a sensible spirit whisperer in no time. These one-on-one lessons invite you to explore your psychic potential. Have burning questions? Great, because no query is too 'weird' or 'I know this is silly, but...' It’s all about making the mysterious a bit more familiar, more everyday, more normal - and a lot more fun. Who doesn't want to speak to the invisible ones around us, safely, ethically and consensually? Flexible Scheduling Fit us into your coffee break or during a lazy afternoon. Lessons are offered at 30, 60, or 90 minutes long. You're welcome to learn in the tranquil vibes of CC HQ (avec a cat, so let me know if this isn't your jam), online, or in a comfy spot of your choosing. We handle the logistics so you can focus on your spiritual journey, and we can talk travel fees if we need to. Bundle & Save Lessons can be taken as individual sessions, or if you want a block of lessons, a 10% discount is offered with our bundles. Are you ready? I am. Let's go.

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