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Learn Tarot at Revolution, MK

How To Learn Tarot Simplified: Learn, Practice, Master in a friendly, inclusive space

  • From 15 British pounds

What to Expect

Are you fascinated by Tarot but overwhelmed by where to start? Or perhaps you've dabbled in Tarot and want to refine your skills? Our 2 Hour Learn Tarot Workshop at Revolution Milton Keynes is your perfect opportunity to dive into the world of Tarot in a friendly, inclusive, and non-judgemental setting. Designed for total beginners to those looking to deepen their practice, each of our workshops will cover one specific topic to help you build a strong foundation in Tarot, boost your intuitive confidence, and unlock your full potential as a Tarot reader. Our upcoming workshops include: - Introduction to Tarot: Learn the basics and history. - Major & Minor Arcana Suits: Understand their significance and meanings. - Court Cards: Demystify these often confusing cards. - Developing Intuition: Learn to trust yourself and your readings. - Aligning to Tarot: Connect with the cards on a deeper level. - Intuitive Connections: Build a personal relationship with each card. - Tarot Spreads: Master different spreads and their applications. - Hands-On Practice: Gain confidence through practical experience. - Tarot for Personal Development: Use Tarot as a tool for self-growth. - Professional Reading Skills: Learn techniques for professional readings. With a limit of 15 participants, we ensure you receive the attention and guidance you need for a truly engaging and transformative experience. Investment: £15 per session You are welcome to borrow our Tarot cards, but we advise bringing your own. If you don’t know how to choose a Tarot deck, read more on our blog: Book your space at the table now and join us at Revolution Milton Keynes twice a month for an enlightening experience that will change the way you see Tarot forever. Investment: £15 per workshop Enhance your Tarot journey with these exclusive options: - A Tarot Deck to start your practice. - A Tarot Symbology Printout for quick reference. - A Tarot Symbology Poster for your space. - A Tarot Learning Journal to document your progress. See you soon 🔮

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