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Illuminating Your Solstice: The Power of Sun Charged Water

Sun Water Charging


As the Summer Solstice approaches, bringing with it the longest day of the year and the promise of sunlit hours, we invite you to embrace a transformative practice: creating Sun Charged Water. This simple yet profound ritual harnesses the sun’s peak power to infuse water with vitality and energy, making it a perfect complement to your Solstice celebrations.

What is Sun Charged Water?

Sun Charged Water, known in various traditions as solarized water, is water that has been exposed to sunlight for several hours.

This exposure allows the water to absorb solar energy, which believers say enhances its natural properties, turning it into a potent source of energy and vitality.

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Historical and Cultural Significance:

Rooted in ancient practices, including Ayurveda, Sun Charged Water is thought to bring the dynamic qualities of sunlight into the body, promoting healing, purification, and balance.

In Ayurveda, it’s often referred to as "Surya Chikitsa" (sun treatment) and is used for its detoxifying and energizing benefits.

Benefits of Sun Charged Water:

  • Healing and Rejuvenation: Energizes the body, accelerates healing processes, and promotes skin health.

  • Vitamin D Boost: Natural sunlight exposure increases Vitamin D levels, essential for bone health and immune function.

  • Detoxification: Helps in detoxifying the body by enhancing digestion and purification processes.

How to Make Your Own Sun Charged Water:

  1. Choose the Right Container: Use a clear glass bottle or jar. Avoid plastic as it can leach chemicals into the water when heated by the sun.

  2. Use Clean Water: Fill the container with purified or filtered water. If unavailable, tap water left to stand overnight is also suitable.

  3. Expose to Sunlight: Place the water in direct sunlight from sunrise to sunset on the day of the Solstice. The ideal time is about 6 to 8 hours of exposure.

  4. Set an Intention: While not necessary, setting an intention or offering a prayer before the sun exposure can personalize and enhance the spiritual significance of the water.

Uses of Sun Charged Water:

  • Drinking: Consume it first thing in the morning to absorb the sun’s energy.

  • Cooking: Use it in cooking to add vitality to your meals.

  • Plant Care: Water plants to transfer solar energy to them.

  • Wellness Routines: Use it for face wash or in baths for skin benefits.

Join Us:

We encourage you to try making your own Sun Charged Water this Solstice - click here to add your name to the list to join our email prompts and invitations to set yourself up for success.

Share your experience with us using the hashtag #SolsticeSunWater and join a community of like-minded individuals celebrating the natural power of the sun.


The practice of making Sun Charged Water is a beautiful way to engage with the natural energies of the Solstice. It's an easy, enriching addition to your spiritual or wellness routines that can help you feel connected to the cycles of nature.

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