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How to Raise Your Vibration

Ever noticed that friend who always seems to be in a good mood? Aren’t they annoying.

I don’t mean that 😂🤣

But, for the sake of my pertinent example in storytelling, you do have this friend and her name is Sarah.

So; remember this? Sarah’s hair turns orangr instead of blonde at the salon. She laughs it off, "It's almost Halloween, guess I’ll be a pumpkin!"

When her coffee comes out wrong, she's excited, "Nice! This one’s got syrup in!."

Even when she spills food on herself when you’re out, she genuinely finds it funny and, "Amazing. Let’s go shopping!"

What a dick. Kidding! Really, I’m kidding.

Sarah’s irritatingly upbeat mindset is always there, no matter the situation, and somehow - she's a flame to the moth of good luck!

Free wine, free food, always finding a parking spot - no matter how bloody busy it is - or manifesting opportunity after opportunity, her life is full of happy-go-lucky ‘coincidences’ and ’lucky breaks’.

Now, to an outsider this probably seem random and made of flukes, but Sarah is actually attracting these situations.


Ok, let me tell ya. She’s vibing high, and no, I don’t mean she’s got a bullet in her panties.

What is a High Vibration?

You might feel a bit envious of Lindsay right now, but here’s her secret: she has a high vibration. And the good news? You can learn how to raise your vibration too—it's actually quite simple!

A Bit of Background

Everything around us is made of energy - that includes you, me, and the cat.

According to the spiritual laws of the universe, similar energies attract. High vibrations attract positive outcomes, just like low vibrations attract negative ones.

This principle is why you see some individuals always thriving, like Sarah. Her positive energy and expectations for the best outcomes reflect her high vibration, which the universe consistently mirrors back to her.

Side note: this doesn’t mean it’s your fault when bad shit happens; more on this later.

How to Raise Your Vibration

Excited to raise them vibes?

Here’s how:

1. Music:

Create a playlist of songs that lift your spirits instantly.

2. Indulge:

Enjoy some self-care, like a bubble bath, pedicure, or massage, and bask in gratitude during these moments.

3. Meditate:

Meditation helps connect with your higher self and maintain high vibrational energy. It helps you observe and dismiss negative thoughts passively.

4. Write a Gratitude List:

Regularly write down things you’re grateful for - this is a powerful way to elevate your energy.

5. Cook Your Favourite Food:

Cooking or ordering in can be joyful, especially if shared with friends or loved ones.

6. Reflect on Happy Memories:

Reminiscing about joyous times with loved ones can instantly boost your energy.

7. Give:

Acts of kindness not only feel good but also keep your energy high.

8. Journaling:

Write about the great things as if they're already happening, emphasising the feeling of joy.

9. Find Your 'Thing':

Whether it's a nature walk, jogging, or another hobby, discover what genuinely makes you happy.

How to Maintain a High Vibration Even When It's Tough

It’s vital to recognize and allow for 'off' days without judgment. Practicing self-forgiveness and graciousness helps maintain a high vibration through ups and downs.

1. Recognize 'Off' Days:

Understand that it's okay to have tough days and that you can return to a high vibration by acknowledging your feelings.

2. Carry Crystals:

For those sensitive to energy, crystals like black tourmaline can offer protection from low vibrations.

3. Sage or Salt Smudging:

Regularly clearing your space with sage can help maintain a clear, positive environment.

4. Learn Psychic Protection:

Protecting your energy is crucial in maintaining your vibration.

5. Read Inspiring Books:

Works like those by energy alignment can offer deep insights into maintaining high vibrations.

Remember, while external circumstances may fluctuate, your control over your reaction and vibration remains constant.

Keeping your energy high not only enhances your own life but also positively influences those around you.

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