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Couples Tarot Reading: How To Reconnect and Love More Deeply

Updated: May 17

Couples Tarot Reading
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As you and your partner approach the grand day of your wedding, the excitement builds up alongside the mountain of decisions and emotional moments.

Wedding planning is undoubtedly a thrilling journey, but it can also be a source of stress and anxiety. This is where the mystical and insightful world of tarot can serve as a guiding light. Couples tarot readings are not just about predicting the future; they offer deep insights into your relationship and personal growth as you both prepare to tie the knot.

What is a couple's tarot reading?

A couples tarot reading is a type of tarot session specifically designed for partners who want to explore various aspects of their relationship through the guidance of tarot cards.

This reading can help uncover dynamics between the partners, provide insight into how they interact, and reveal underlying feelings or issues that might not be immediately apparent. It can also offer guidance on how to nurture the relationship, handle challenges, and encourage personal growth within the partnership.

The process typically involves laying out cards in specific spreads that focus on relationship issues, such as communication, love, compatibility, and future directions. Both partners are usually present, and the reading might address each person's perspective on the relationship, their feelings, and their hopes or fears about the future together. It’s a unique way to gain a deeper understanding and can be a supportive tool for partners seeking to strengthen their connection.

Why would you have a Couple's Tarot Reading?

Couples might seek a tarot reading when they are facing specific challenges or when they simply want to enhance their relationship through deeper understanding. Here are some typical scenarios or pain points where a Couple's Tarot Reading could be beneficial:

Communication Issues:

When couples struggle to communicate effectively, a tarot reading can provide insights into underlying issues and offer guidance on how to improve dialogue and understanding between partners.

Decision Making:

If a couple is at a crossroads, whether it’s about moving in together, marriage, career moves, or even starting a family, a tarot reading can help them explore potential outcomes and feelings about various choices.


For couples who feel that their relationship has stagnated or who wish to rekindle intimacy and connection, a tarot reading can uncover areas that need attention and offer advice on how to bring back emotional closeness.

Resolving Conflicts:

If there are ongoing disputes or unresolved issues, tarot readings can help identify the root causes and suggest ways to approach and resolve these conflicts.

Personal Growth:

Sometimes, individuals in a relationship seek to understand how they can grow together with their partner. Tarot readings can provide insights into personal evolution and how it impacts the relationship.

Spiritual Alignment:

For couples who place a high value on spiritual connection, a tarot reading can help align their spiritual paths and enhance their mutual understanding from a metaphysical perspective.

Ultimately, couples who are open to exploring their relationship through a spiritual lens and who are seeking guidance on how to navigate and enrich their partnership might find a couple's tarot reading particularly helpful. It offers a unique perspective that is often different from traditional counselling or therapy, focusing on spiritual and intuitive insights.

"Our Couples' Tarot Reading was eye-opening and truly brought us closer together. We loved it - highly recommend!"

-Ben & Megan

Ready to Deepen Your Connection?

Unlock insights into your relationship, align your visions for the future, and navigate the emotional landscape of your upcoming union with clarity and confidence.

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