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Chord Cutting
A Ritual

What to Expect

A Chord Cutting Ritual is an invitation to let go of past attachments, whether they stem from relationships, negative habits, or old wounds, and embrace a future of freedom and personal empowerment.

A powerful experience, a Chord Cutting Ritual is for those seeking to release emotional ties and energetically sever cords that no longer serve their highest good.

The Chord Cutting ritual can be completed virtually together, or a guided meditation created specifically for you can be shared as an audio file for you to complete the ritual yourself.

Before the Chord Cutting Ritual, we'll have a brief consultation by email to understand the specific cords or attachments you wish to sever. This ensures that the ritual is tailored to your journey and objectives.

After the ritual, you'll receive advice on how to maintain your newfound freedom, including practices to prevent reattachment and tips to nurture your emotional and spiritual well-being.


Your Guide

Claire Laveaux

Claire Laveaux
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