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Tarot Workshop

What to Expect

This Beginners Tarot Workshop is designed to provide you with the foundational knowledge and practical expertise needed to connect with the Tarot's wisdom.

No prior Tarot experience is necessary, but please do let us know if you will not be bringing your own cards to read with, to ensure we have enough decks for the group.

What to Expect

An introduction to Tarot card meanings and symbolism

Hands-on practice sessions with real Tarot cards

Techniques and tips for interpreting Tarot card spreads

1:1 practice readings with the group participants

Personalised guidance and feedback on your Tarot readings

An opportunity to ask questions and deepen your Tarot knowledge

Come with an open mind and a desire to delve into the intuitive world of Tarot, where we feel more, and think less.

This workshop can also be offered as a private workshop, should you wish; please email to discuss this option.


Your Guide

Claire Laveaux

Claire Laveaux
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