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Tarot Workshop

What to Expect

Our Intermediate Tarot Workshop is designed to deepen your understanding of Tarot, enhance your reading abilities, and expand your connection with the cards.

Whether you're a Tarot enthusiast or an aspiring professional reader, this Intermediate Tarot Workshop will enable you to further explore the Tarot's intricate layers and unveil its hidden wisdom.

I run these workshops by connecting to the energy of the room and my intuition and thus the structure of the workshop is more fluid and intuitive. If there is a specific, structured card spread you would like to learn about and try, do let me know so we can see if we can add this to the workshop.

Who Should Attend?

This Workshop is suitable for those with a foundational knowledge of Tarot, whether you've completed a Beginner's Workshop or have some experience with Tarot readings.

It's perfect for anyone looking to elevate their Tarot reading skills and deepen their connection to this ancient divination art.

Workshop Highlights

Advanced Card Interpretation

Dive deeper into Tarot card meanings and symbolism to unlock their full potential.

Complex Spreads

Explore intricate Tarot spreads and learn how to tailor them to specific questions.

Intuitive Reading Techniques

Develop your intuitive abilities and gain confidence in interpreting card combinations.

Ethical Practice

Understand the ethical considerations of Tarot readings and maintain professionalism.

Tarot for Personal Growth

Use Tarot as a tool for self-discovery, healing, and personal empowerment.

Practice and Feedback

Participate in guided practice sessions and receive constructive feedback to refine your skills.

Exploring Diverse Decks

Discover different Tarot decks and how to work with them effectively.

This Intermediate Tarot Workshop can also be offered as a private workshop, should you wish; please email to discuss this option.


Your Guide

Claire Laveaux

Claire Laveaux
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