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Tarot Reading Favours

Tarot Reading Wedding Favours - A Lasting Memory For Your Guests

Tarot Reading Favours

Transform your wedding into an extraordinary experience with our exclusive Tarot Reading Favours. 

This unique offering provides your guests with personal reading notes to take home on a custom Wedding Tarot Card honouring your special day.

This Wedding Favour promises not just a memorable keepsake but an insightful, soul-touching journey, creating memories that will be cherished long after the celebrations.

What We Offer

Wedding Tarot Card & Personal Reading Notes

Celebrate your union uniquely with our custom-designed Wedding Tarot card, featuring your names and wedding date. On the reverse, we provide space for personal reading notes, making each card a treasured keepsake filled with individual insights.


Tarot Reading Token

We present each guest with a beautifully crafted token, an invitation to a personal Tarot reading adventure. These tokens can be redeemed at a dedicated space within your wedding venue, where our skilled Tarot reader awaits to unveil individual fortunes.


Customised Reading Themes

Readings can be themed around love, personal growth, new beginnings, or any custom theme that resonates with the spirit of your celebration.


Personal Wedding Tarot Reader/s

Our dedicated and gifted mediums will connect with your guests, providing deep and impactful readings. Their presence adds a profound and memorable element to your celebration, offering insights and guidance.


Matching Tarot Themed Décor & Aesthetics

Should you choose to incorporate Tarot into your wedding, we will harmonise with your colour theme and décor. Whether you prefer a subtle integration or a standout feature, we collaborate with you to create the perfect aesthetic.

Available In Person or Online

Whether your guests are with you in person or joining from afar, our Tarot reading services are accessible both online and at your venue, ensuring everyone can partake in this enchanting experience.

Why Choose

Tarot Experience Favours?

Deeply Personalised

Our Tarot readings for wedding guests are crafted with a personal touch, ensuring each reading is uniquely tailored to resonate with each individual. This thoughtful approach transforms your wedding into an inclusive experience where every guest feels special and connected to the celebration.

Lasting Impact: A Favour Beyond Entertainment

Incorporating Tarot Reading Favours into your wedding adds a unique and unforgettable element. It’s not just about entertainment; it’s about offering meaningful, insightful experiences that will captivate and enlighten your guests.

Spiritual Depth: A Gift of Meaning

Offer your guests a deeper, more spiritual engagement with your wedding. Amidst the joy and festivities, our Tarot readings provide a serene moment of reflection and insight, enriching the overall experience and creating lasting memories.

Expert Readings

Your readings are conducted by seasoned psychic mediums and spiritual development teachers, ensuring you and your guests receive expert guidance. Their presence on your special day isn't just an addition – it's a transformative experience that enriches the entire celebration.

Booking and Customisation

Tailored to Your Wedding

We’ll discuss all details in advance to ensure a seamless and enchanting experience for you and your guests.

We work closely with you to tailor the readings and setup to your wedding's theme and style.

Set Packages and Custom Requests

Whether it's a small intimate gathering or a grand celebration, our service is scalable to match your guest list.

We have 4 Packages available to offer a range of accessibility to incorporate Tarot into your day.

Secure your date with a £250 non-refundable deposit.

Custom package designs are also welcome - we love what you come up with.

Advanced Booking

To ensure a personalised experience, we recommend booking well in advance of your wedding date so we can incorporate all sessions that you choose.

A Special Offer for Your Celebration!

Book your Hen or Stag party with us and enjoy a special 30% discount when combined with any of our Wedding packages.

It's our way of adding extra joy to your special occasion.

Book a Free Consultation

Book a free 20-minute consultation to discuss how we can add this mesmerising experience to your special day.


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