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  • Personal Tarot Lessons

    Start your amazing learning journey to tarot proficiency, personalized for your unique spiritual and psychic journey, and embrace tarot with respect for its heritage, under confidential and considerate tutelage. Each session with Claire will unveil the rich tapestry of tarot wisdom, promising a profound understanding of both the major and minor arcana. Starting on intuitive Tarot practices to build trust in yourself and your understanding of the cards is where we will begin. Our One-on-One Tarot Lessons are your chance to cozy up with the mysteries of the cards, where no question is silly to ask. We can’t know what we don’t know now, can we? Our sessions invite you to cozy up with the mysteries of the tarot deck. These lessons are a conversation with the universe, where every question is a stepping stone to greater understanding and alignment. Invest in Your Intuition: Tickle the ivories of time with sessions as long or as short as your tea break, with lessons coming in at 30, 60, or 90 minutes. Bundle joy: Save 10% with a trio package or delve deep with a sextet of lessons for 20% off, all within a 6-month timeframe, to be booked at your leisure. Learning Space - Your Place or Mine: Whether at the serene CC HQ or a haven of your choosing, guidance comes to you. Discussing travel expenses, if necessary, we make learning accessible and comfortable. Unlocking the Trove of Tarot Wisdom: Tailor your tarot voyage through foundational meanings to intricate spreads. Each session enhances your decision-making skills, reflecting your progress on the path of tarot and intuitive wisdom. We will work to customize your curriculum from foundational meanings to intricate spreads, to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need out of each lesson. Each session is a notch on your belt of wisdom, fine-tuning the instrument of your intuition. Spread Savvy: Dive into the when and why of using spreads or single cards, a common inquiry within the Paranormal services of tarot. With Claire's guidance, you'll navigate the 78 unique energies of the tarot deck with confidence and personal alignment. Synchronicity with Spirit: Weave your personal beliefs into the fabric of your tarot practice, ensuring your readings resonate with your spiritual ethos and creating a divinatory experience that echoes with your soul's melody. Embark on Your Tarot Tale: Sharpen your senses with each session, clear the fog of uncertainty, and embrace

  • Learn Tarot at Revolution, MK

    Are you fascinated by Tarot but overwhelmed by where to start? Or perhaps you've dabbled in Tarot and want to refine your skills? Our 2 Hour Learn Tarot Workshop at Revolution Milton Keynes is your perfect opportunity to dive into the world of Tarot in a friendly, inclusive, and non-judgemental setting. Designed for total beginners to those looking to deepen their practice, each of our workshops will cover one specific topic to help you build a strong foundation in Tarot, boost your intuitive confidence, and unlock your full potential as a Tarot reader. Our upcoming workshops include: - Introduction to Tarot: Learn the basics and history. - Major & Minor Arcana Suits: Understand their significance and meanings. - Court Cards: Demystify these often confusing cards. - Developing Intuition: Learn to trust yourself and your readings. - Aligning to Tarot: Connect with the cards on a deeper level. - Intuitive Connections: Build a personal relationship with each card. - Tarot Spreads: Master different spreads and their applications. - Hands-On Practice: Gain confidence through practical experience. - Tarot for Personal Development: Use Tarot as a tool for self-growth. - Professional Reading Skills: Learn techniques for professional readings. With a limit of 15 participants, we ensure you receive the attention and guidance you need for a truly engaging and transformative experience. Investment: £15 per session You are welcome to borrow our Tarot cards, but we advise bringing your own. If you don’t know how to choose a Tarot deck, read more on our blog: Book your space at the table now and join us at Revolution Milton Keynes twice a month for an enlightening experience that will change the way you see Tarot forever. Investment: £15 per workshop Enhance your Tarot journey with these exclusive options: - A Tarot Deck to start your practice. - A Tarot Symbology Printout for quick reference. - A Tarot Symbology Poster for your space. - A Tarot Learning Journal to document your progress. See you soon 🔮

  • Personal Clairvoyance Lessons

    SAFETY FIRST I practise only ethical, safe and consensual lessons; I respect spirit to the utmost degree, as I would the living - but with boundaries. No goading, no teasing, no Zak Bagans. I expect the same from my students. Ever want to know how to sharpen those psychic tingles and ask your questions without feeling you might be going nuts? That's where I come in with Personal Clairvoyance Lessons. I've been blessed to have always been strongly connected to spirit and I want to teach the world that they can do it too - because you bloody can. We just get told that it's not 'normal' to know who is on the phone before you pick it up, or why something feels right or not right. Intuition, man. Intuition. My lessons are for anyone - total newbie, or those more seasoned and looking to hone a skill, or learn something completely new. Whether you’re into spiritual connections, energy protection, channelling, dowsing, or crystals, I've got a box of stuff and a brain full of teaching and coaching modalities ready that allows me to curate these lessons to be just for you, with warmth, gratitude and guidance. Tailored Spiritual Journey From sensing energies to spiritual communication, we will work together to customize each lesson to expand your psychic toolkit, ensuring you get the most out of every mystical minute. I will guide you through when, why and how to use each clairvoyant technique, turning you into a sensible spirit whisperer in no time. These one-on-one lessons invite you to explore your psychic potential. Have burning questions? Great, because no query is too 'weird' or 'I know this is silly, but...' It’s all about making the mysterious a bit more familiar, more everyday, more normal - and a lot more fun. Who doesn't want to speak to the invisible ones around us, safely, ethically and consensually? Flexible Scheduling Fit us into your coffee break or during a lazy afternoon. Lessons are offered at 30, 60, or 90 minutes long. You're welcome to learn in the tranquil vibes of CC HQ (avec a cat, so let me know if this isn't your jam), online, or in a comfy spot of your choosing. We handle the logistics so you can focus on your spiritual journey, and we can talk travel fees if we need to. Bundle & Save Lessons can be taken as individual sessions, or if you want a block of lessons, a 10% discount is offered with our bundles. Are you ready? I am. Let's go.

  • Taster Lesson

    If you're interested in exploring your psychic, spiritual or clairvoyance abilities, or to deepen your spiritual connection, this 20-minute taster lesson is a great way to start. What to Expect: A Personalized Connection: We'll talk about what you would like to learn and your interest areas for development, as well as your current skill level and experience and what is drawing you toward psychic and spiritual development. We will then move on to learning some simple techniques to help you connect with your intuition and spirituality within these areas. Have any burning questions you want answered? This is your time to ask and explore, with no judgement Why Book an Introductory Session? Low Commitment: It's a short, no-pressure session to see if this is the direction that resonates you. Personalized Experience: Tailored to interest you and meet your needs, making every lesson unique. Foundation of Growth: If you enjoy the session, we can discuss a plan of longer, more in-depth lessons that suit your schedule and goals. Ready to Begin? Book your 20-minute taster lesson today and take the next step on your spiritual journey. Let's see where your intuition takes you!

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