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Single Question One Card Tarot Reading


Get quick, clear answers with our Single Question One Card Tarot Reading.

Relationship Dynamics Five Card Tarot Reading


Gain clarity on your relationships with our Five Card Relationship Tarot Reading

Three Card Past, Present, Future Tarot Reading


Uncover the Connections Between Your Past, Present, and Future.

Ten Card Celtic Cross Tarot Reading


Explore your life's complexities with our 10 Card Celtic Cross Tarot Reading.

Five Card Tarot Insight Reading


A deep dive into your energy landscape with a Five Card Spread.


Our Experts.
Your Readings.

Step beyond the veil with our out-of-this-world (see what we did, there) 

Tarot readings.

It's not about handing you a crystal ball and hoping for the best - we're here to hone your intuition, giving you the tools for spiritual self-sufficiency.


Our Tarot readings don't just unveil your future; they empower you to shape it, ensuring your path to self-discovery is clear, focused, and utterly transformative.

Let us do the heavy lifting with spirit, utilising our years of experience to ensure your journey into the psychic realm of the world has a whole lot more insight and enlightenment, with a lot less confusion and uncertainty.  

There's no doubt that you will leave your reading feeling more

centered, supported and aligned.


eager for more?

Ever wanted to unlock the secrets of the spiritual world, and read for yourself?

We can show you how.

Our Tarot & Clairvoyance lessons are your door to spiritual Narnia, to a place of intuitive connection that has always been there, but slightly out of sight.

This isn't just about learning to read Tarot cards or chatting to those who aren't on this plane; it's about cultivating a deep, intuitive power that guides you towards

spiritual autonomy.

With each lesson, you're not merely viewing your future path;

you're learning to shape it. We provide you with the tools to navigate your journey towards self-enlightenment with clarity and purpose.

Offering seasoned insights and straightforward advice on navigating the psychic realm, we will dispel confusion and enhance your understanding.


You’ll leave each session not just informed, but truly transformed, ready to embrace your newfound alignment and insight.

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