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Hen & Stag Parties

What to Expect

Bring the esoteric to your celebrations with the magic of Tarot. Add an extraordinary dimension to your Hen or Stag party by delving into the spirit realm and connecting with your higher selves

Our unique Tarot experiences are designed to leave a lasting impact on you and your friends, blending mystical insight with the joy of your celebration.

Whether it's revealing hidden mysteries in a Group Tarot Reading or unlocking the secrets of the cards in a Tarot Workshop, these sessions will surely make your event memorable.


A Special Offer for Your Celebration!

Book your Hen or Stag party with us and enjoy a special 30% discount when combined with any of our Wedding packages.

It's our way of adding extra joy to your special occasion.


What We Offer

Group Tarot Reading

Make your celebration unforgettable with a Group Tarot Reading. This unique party idea is perfect for those seeking a touch of mystique. Gather your friends and let the Tarot cards unfold their enigmatic stories. Embrace the mystical journey and discover insights that only Tarot can reveal!


Tarot Workshop

Step into the world of Tarot with our Tarot Workshop. This engaging experience is ideal for friends eager to explore the art of Tarot reading. Focusing on Love and Clarity card spreads, our workshop is designed for beginners and requires no prior Tarot knowledge.

Come with an open mind and prepare to be astonished by the revelations of the cards!


These options are based on:

3 Hours

15 people

Bride or Groom goes free

£10 per additional person

Within a 50-mile radius of Milton Keynes, additional mileage to be added at £20 per £10 miles

If you would like to discuss a larger or smaller group for either option, we welcome your questions and will be happy to chat to see how we can help.

Advanced Booking

To ensure a personalised experience, we recommend booking well in advance of your wedding date.

Experience Tarot at its Best

For the optimum Tarot experience, we recommend enjoying the session with a clear, focused mind.

While high spirits elevate the experience, we advise against participating while inebriated to fully appreciate the depth and insights of the Tarot readings.

Book below!


Your Guide

Claire Laveaux
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