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Refunds and Return Policy

Due to the nature of the services and/or products provided, refunds will not be given unless otherwise specified in writing. Refunds will only be provided upon mutual agreement when the actual Tarot reading has not been performed. Keep in mind that most often We begin the requested reading 12 hours after You have submitted it. If You would like to cancel Your booked reading, please email Us immediately or no later than 12 hours after You have placed Your order. No refunds will be issued if You do not like Your reading for any reason. We are not responsible for Your emotional and/or mental reaction to the reading. There are no exceptions.


No Returns or Exchanges

We do not accept returns or exchanges.


Purchases and Payment

You authorise Us to charge Your chosen payment provider for the total amount stated on Your checkout cart screen. You agree to abide by the terms and conditions of Your card issuer agreement and any other applicable third-party agreement that may affect Your purchase with Us. You agree to provide current, accurate, and complete details as requested to process Your payment. If necessary, You agree to update Your payment information in a timely manner so We can complete any outstanding orders and/or contact You as needed. We reserve the right to change our prices for new purchases at any time. You agree to pay any applicable shipping and/or handling fees as stated on Your checkout cart screen.


Errors or Mistakes in Pricing

We reserve the right to correct any errors or mistakes in pricing, even if We have already received payment. Any such changes will be conveyed in writing via email to notify You of Our correction and to allow You to take the most appropriate action in the event of such a correction or mistake.


Promotional Pricing Devices and Price Adjustments

We are not able to accommodate a price adjustment after Your purchase.



You agree to make every attempt to file a refund prior to attempting a chargeback with Your financial institution. In the event of a chargeback attempt, You expressly agree to forfeit any and all of Our bonuses, affiliate bonuses, or other materials afforded to You in exchange for Your original purchase of Our Offering. We reserve the right to present proof of Your access and these Terms and Conditions of Use to the financial institution investigating the dispute.


Revocation of Access

You have the unilateral right to terminate Your use and access to any of Our Offering(s). Please send an email to Us to initiate this process. Termination will not excuse You of further payment. Upon confirmation of Your termination, any and all outstanding balances will become immediately due and payable. Any existing balance that remains after 14 days from the date of termination will be sent to a collection agency, and You agree to be responsible for any additional charges, fees, or costs associated with such a collection effort, including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs.


All payments will be processed in the local currency or, if not specified at checkout, in GBP.



Sales taxes will be applied to Your order as required by law in either Your or Our local area(s).


Order Reversal or Cancellation

We reserve the right to refuse to fulfil any order placed on Our website in part or in full and will issue a refund accordingly. We reserve the right to limit or cancel quantities purchased by any given user or household at Our sole discretion. We may restrict order quantities based on personal data provided by You, such as orders placed under the same customer account, orders placed on the same payment method, and/or orders that use the same billing and/or shipping address.


No Reselling or Distribution of Our Products

We expressly prohibit orders that, in Our sole discretion, appear to be placed in an attempt to resell Our products. We expressly prohibit orders placed by resellers, dealers, distributors, or wholesalers and will ban Your access to Our site in any lawful way possible if We discover Your prohibited use(s).


Dispute Resolution

If You and Our Company cannot find a resolution to a dispute or potential claim by means of good-faith negotiation, then You explicitly agree to make a reasonable attempt to resolve any such dispute through Alternative Dispute Resolution or Mediation before filing a civil cause of action.



If You are found to be slandering, libelling, or otherwise disparaging Our Company, Offering(s), or related materials, at Our discretion, You will be immediately removed from the Offering(s) and any related communications. We reserve the right to file a civil claim of action against You for any such damaging actions You take that materially harm Our Company.

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