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We're a UK-based
Psychic & Spiritual Collective that Specialises in bridging the
timeless wisdom of the esoteric arts
with the pulse of today's world

We've transcended the ordinary, redefining the union of the ancient and the avant-garde,
crafting a refuge for souls drawn to the mysteries of existence.

Here, amidst the hum of daily life, we offer you space to pause, reflect, and connect.
From personal tarot readings to weddings and special events,
our guidance steers you toward alignment with your true path, enveloping you in clarity, calmness, and guidance at every turn.

Our practice, rich in clairvoyance and intuition, opens doors to a deeper understanding of yourself, and how to work with the energy around you to
transform your life.
Our approach profoundly uplifts and reshapes your connection to the universe
inviting a renaissance of spirit and mind.

We are your beacon at the crossroads of the timeless and the now, where psychic insights and spiritual wisdom meet the rhythm of the modern seeker

uncover the happiest, most authentic version of yourself.

Welcome, to Connected Collective

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Are you constantly

Love yourself

Love yourself

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

Learn to read Tarot

Learn to read Tarot

Love and Happiness

Love and Happiness

Tarot Deck

Tarot Deck

Ah, the classic tangle we've all tripped over at least once, right. But hey, who says it has to be a permanent stumbling block?

Life's way too rich to wander through it, puzzling over which path to take. You're meant to strut through with purpose, sprinkling a bit of magic wherever you go.

And that's precisely where we step in, armed with a treasure chest of solutions to sprinkle your path with clarity, a dollop of confidence, and a guiding star to light your way.

Wave goodbye to the dithering and the what-ifs that have been hogging the backseat. It's time to grab the wheel and steer towards your brightest future.

It's one of those decisions that's as good as a midnight snack; absolutely no regrets.

We Can Help With That.

Claire Laveaux

Hey, gorgeous soul.

I'm Claire Laveaux

A Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant, with a background from corporate life as a Special Events & Creative Project Manager. One cat called Harvey, lots of wine and much yoga, based in Milton Keynes, UK, but serving people worldwide.

I'm here to sprinkle some serene vibes into this hectic experience called life, by inviting you to weave spirituality, the esoteric, and your own divine connection into your world, making your every day as soulful and as joyful as it can possibly be.

Five star review
Kimmy, who gave a five star review
Five star review

Before my Tarot reading, I felt like I was being pulled in different directions and my mind was scrambled.

Claire showed me how find clarity, alignment, and how to trust my intuition, myself.

I left Claire feeling empowered to take actions and live my life to the fullest. I felt whole and aligned again, and I could feel a lightness in my heart - it was an incredible feeling that I hadn't had in a long time.

- Kimmy

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